Language learning through film
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                         Contents of the topicpack

The worksheets have an activity-based approach and require pupils to do more than read the information given: they are asked to fill gaps in texts, answer questions, do their own web-based research and analyse scenes  from the film, giving a personal response.  The 24 worksheets are grouped into 4 sections:

See ‘Buying the DVDs’ if you need to buy a copy of the film.

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         Topicpack - Hans Weingartner

This topicpack focuses on Weingartner’s film

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (known as

The Edukators in English).  It contains all the materials A2 pupils need to prepare for essay-writing and for discussion of the topic in the oral exam.

The pack comprises 24 worksheets, plus full Teachers’ Notes including comprehensive answers.


Price:  £24.00