Language learning through film
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Spanish Topicpacks

Topicpack - Pedro Almodóvar

Featuring two of his films:  Todo sobre mi Madre and Volver

STP001                                   More details                 Price: £30.00

Topicpacks are perfect for teaching cultural topics at A2 level.  Materials are provided to help pupils study the work of a film director and use their knowledge for essay-writing and discussion in the oral exam.

Topicpacks include:

Topicpacks are activity-based.  Most worksheets require pupils to engage with the material provided: complete gap-fill exercises, answer questions, do web-based research, express their own opinions.

Topicpack - Guillermo del Toro

Featuring his film El Laberinto del Fauno

STP002                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Pedro Almodovar Topicpack Pedro Almodovar Topicpack Pedro Almodovar Topicpack Guillermo del Toro Topicpack Guillermo del Toro

Topicpack - Alejandro Amenábar

Featuring his film Mar adentro

STP003                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Alejandro Amenabar Topicpack Alejandro Amenabar

Topicpack - Joshua Marston

Featuring his film Maria llena eres de gracia

STP004                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Joshua Marston Topicpack Joshua Marston