Language learning through film
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French Topicpacks

Topicpack - François Truffaut 01

Featuring two of his films:  Jules et Jim and Le dernier métro

FTP001                                   More details                 Price: £30.00

Topicpack Mathieu Kassowitz Topicpack Mathieu Kassowitz Topicpack Laurent Cantet Topicpack Laurent Cantet

Topicpacks are perfect for teaching cultural topics at A2 level.  Materials are provided to help pupils study the work of a film director and use their knowledge for essay-writing and discussion in the oral exam.

Topicpacks include:

Topicpacks are activity-based.  Most worksheets require pupils to engage with the material provided: complete gap-fill exercises, answer questions, do web-based research, express their own opinions.

Topicpack Francois Truffaut 01 Topicpack Francois Truffaut 01

Topicpack - Mathieu Kassovitz

Featuring his film La Haine

FTP002                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack - Laurent Cantet

Featuring his film Entre les murs

FTP003                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Topicpack - Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Featuring his films Amélie and Un long dimanche

                                                     de fiançailles

FTP004                                   More details                 Price: £30.00

Topicpack Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Topicpack Louis Malle

Topicpack - Louis Malle

Featuring his film Au revoir les enfants

FTP005                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Louis Malle
Topicpack Francois Truffaut 02

Topicpack - François Truffaut 02

Featuring his film:  Les 400 coups

FTP006                                   More details                 Price: £24.00

Topicpack Francois Truffaut 02