Language learning through film
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How do I pay for the products I order?

There are three ways to pay: online, by cheque or by requesting an invoice  to your school.  You can see more detail on all these methods by going to the How to Buy page:

How do I receive the products?

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a secure method for making online payments.  It can be used to make payments without giving your details to individual merchants, so it means we never see the details of your means of payment - just a confirmation from Paypal that you have paid the required amount.  It is widely used on internet sites such as eBay.

I paid with Paypal but I haven’t received my products - what do I do now?

When you pay with Paypal, you have the chance to download the products immediately.  If you don’t download them at that time, you will also have a mail in your inbox (the inbox of the mail address with the same name as your Paypal account) containing links with which you can download them.  These links will expire 7 days after you made your purchase.  If the links have expired and so you are unable to download, email us at the address and we will email you your products.  Or use the form on the Contact Us page to send us a message.

What format do our products come in?

Each cinepack or topicpack is held as a set of Word documents which will arrive in a zipped folder.  Should you have any problems with downloading, please email us at the address  Or use the form on the Contact Us page to send us a message.  Once you have saved the files onto your computer, they are yours to print out and to use whenever you like.

How does the copyright work?

If you buy them as an individual, our products are for your personal use with your own pupils in any school where you teach.  If you buy them though your school, they can be used by any teacher in that school with any pupils they teach.