Language learning through film
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                                 About the film

Barbara (2011)

Directed by Christian Petzold

Certificate 12

Running time 98 minutes approx.

East German doctor Barbara has a West German boyfriend and because she applied to leave the country she has been sent away from Berlin to a small hospital on the north coast as a punishment.  There she meets another doctor, André, whom she suspects of having been asked to spy on her.  They are forced to work closely together and it is clear from early on that he is smitten with her.  Will she overcome her distrust?  Will she go ahead with her scheme to escape from the DDR and start a new life with her western lover?  With Nina Hoss (Barbara) and Ronald Zehrfeld (André).

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Cinepack - Barbara

Contains 4 worksheets: one for GCSE classes, one for AS or A Level pupils and two film review sheets at different levels.  Teachers’ Notes included.


Price:  £4.00