Language learning through film
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                                 About the film

Jenseits der Stille (1996)

Directed by Caroline Link

Certificate 15

Running time 103 minutes approx.

Lara’s parents are both deaf and even as a little girl she takes responsibility for helping them cope with life in a hearing world.  As she grows up, she develops a prodigious musical talent, which brings problems.  She can’t imagine her life without music, but it threatens to separate her from her parents who might never be able to understand how much it means to her.  With Sylvie Testud (Lara), Tatjana Trieb (Lara as a child), Howie Seago (Martin, Lara’s father) and Emmanuelle Laborit (Kai, her mother).

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Cinepack - Jenseits der Stille

Contains 4 worksheets: one for GCSE classes, one for AS or A Level pupils and two film review sheets at different levels.  Teachers’ Notes included.


Price:  £4.00