Language learning through film
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                                 About the film

Im Winter ein Jahr (2008)

Directed by Caroline Link

Certificate 12

Running time 119 minutes approx.

Dance student Lilli’s brother Alex committed suicide nearly a year ago.  When her mother asks Max, an artist, to paint a picture of both of them, she resists, finding it too spooky an idea.  But during the sittings with Max, she is gradually encouraged to think about what her brother meant to her and to begin to come to terms with what happened.  At the same time, the effects of the tragedy on Lilli’s parents and on the relationships within the family are also explored.  With Karoline Herfurth (Lilli), Josef Bierbichler (Max), Corinna Harfouth (Lilli’s mother) and  Hanns Zischler (her father).

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Cinepack - Im Winter ein Jahr

Contains 4 worksheets: one for GCSE classes, one for AS or A Level pupils and two film review sheets at different levels.  Teachers’ Notes included.


Price:  £4.00