Language learning through film
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                                 About the film

Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

Directed by Wolfgang Becker

Certificate 15

Running time 1h 49 minutes approx.

Christiane Kerner, an ardent East German Socialist living in Berlin, has a heart attack just before the fall of the Berlin Wall and falls into a coma.  When she wakes up eight months later, doctors think any shock could kill her, so her son, Alex, decides she must not find out that East Germany is no more.  As Berlin becomes quickly westernised, Alex goes to great lengths to recreate a true pre-unification atmosphere inside the flat where his mother is bedridden.  Eventually, of course, she gets out of bed and goes to see for herself …..  With Daniel Brühl (Alex) and Katrin Sass (Christiane).

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           Cinepack - Good Bye, Lenin!

Contains 4 worksheets: one for GCSE classes, one for AS or A Level pupils and two film review sheets at different levels.  Teachers’ Notes included.


Price:  £4.00