Language learning through film
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                                 About the film

Effi Briest (1974)

Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Certificate U

Running time 134 minutes approx.

A film of the novel by Theodor Fontane, set in the 1890s.  Effi Briest, aged just 20, is encouraged by her parents to marry the much older Baron von Instetten because he is solid and successful.  Constrained by their quiet life in a small town, Effi begins an affair with a colleague of her husband and when it is discovered, the social norms of the time mean she will pay a heavy price for her transgression.  With Hanna Schygulla (Effi), Wolfgang Schenk (Instetten),and Ulli Lommel (Major Crampas).

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Cinepack - Effi Briest

Contains 4 worksheets: one for GCSE classes, one for AS or A Level pupils and two film review sheets at different levels.  Teachers’ Notes included.


Price:  £4.00