Language learning through film
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About Us

We started cinepacks in 2007 because we felt there was a need for good quality materials to help MFL teachers make the most of target-language films in the classroom.  Each cinepack provides ready-made lesson ideas for using film extracts with GCSE and A Level classes and also follow-up work for pupils who have watched the whole film.  Next, we introduced topicpacks which provide much more detailed work for pupils studying a film as an A2 cultural topic.

All our French and German materials are written by Marian Jones, who teaches part-time, is a senior examiner and has co-written a number of popular MFL courses including Élan, Zeitgeist and GCSE French for OCR. She writes and presents training courses for AQA, and has recently worked on courses such as ‘Improving Writing Skills at AS Level’ and ‘German Cineliteracy’, a course to help MFL teachers make productive use of target-language films in their classroom teaching. Marian has also co-written some of the Spanish materials with Esther Mallol.

Marian Jones

Vincent Everett, head of languages at Northgate High School, Dereham, has written some of our Spanish materials. He has taught for twenty years in England, France and Mexico.  He has also co-written course books such as Animo and Amigos for OUP.  In 2010, his school were European Award for Languages Winners.  See more at Until recently he was an elected member of the Executive Council of the Association for Language Learning, and continues to be active in delivering training and in

co-ordinating the Norfolk ALL network.

Vincent Everett

Our native-speaker editors make sure the language of our worksheets is idiomatic and accurate and they also provide valuable cultural advice.



Marie-Thérèse Bougard is a highly experienced writer, tutor and language consultant with over 25 years experience in educational publishing. In addition, she spends regular time in schools, currently working with GCSE and A Level students in a central London school. More information about Marie-Thérèse Bougard can be found by looking at her website

Jana Kohl is a freelance German translator and interpreter in the legal field. She has also been a proof-reader and native-speaker consultant for Heinemann Educational since 1997, drawing on her extensive teaching and publishing experience. More information about Jana Kohl can be found at her website

Jana Kohl

Esther Mallol

Esther Mallol is our Spanish native-speaker editor and has co-written some of our Spanish materials. Esther is currently working part-time as Lead Practitioner in an inner London secondary and sixth form college, having previously been Head of Department for seven years at two London schools. She has also been a proof-reader and native-speaker checker for Heinemann Education.