Language learning through film
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Topicpack worksheets are divided into 4 sections:

Full teachers’ notes are also provided, including information on finding the extracts you will need to play, suggestions for classroom management of the activities and full answers.

                    About Topicpacks

Topicpacks provide all the materials you need to teach your A2 pupils about the work of a particular film director.  They can then write about the work of that director as a cultural topic and talk about it in their oral examination.

Topicpacks provide 24 or 30 worksheets, the shorter packs focusing on one example film and the longer ones on two.   Most of the worksheets require active input from pupils: researching information, completing gap-fill summaries, answering questions designed to make them analyse the film and form their own opinions.

The packs are listed on the pages

French topicpacks , German topicpacks  and Spanish Topicpacks.  To request a free sample of any topicpack, including a full contents list and two sample pages, click here.