Language learning through film
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We are Cinepacks, an independent company producing high-quality teaching materials for use by modern-language teachers in secondary schools and sixth-form colleges.  Now that there is an increased emphasis on film in the new MFL specifications, our packs will be invaluable, both for introducing your pupils to a wide variety of films and for helping them study one film in depth as a cultural topic.



Cinepacks use film extracts to help GCSE and A level pupils practise topics and grammar points.  Film review materials are also provided for those who have seen the whole film.  Every school can claim one free cinepack.  Click here for more information.


Topicpacks provide comprehensive materials for A Level classes who are studying a film as a cultural topic and preparing to write about it in their examination.  Every pack provides biographical detail, background information, worksheets on key scenes, character and themes.  Free sample packs are available, with a full content list and two sample pages.  Click here for more information.

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